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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's in Season!

Halfway through summer some amazing fruits, vegetables and herbs enter their season for harvest.  Michigan's culinary world is already familiar with what's currently in season, or should be, but at the Culinary Studio we know that not everyone follows seasonal agriculture.

The reason you should is simple:  Foods that are in season are lower in price and far better in flavor!  Plus, in an era where we stress sustainability and we fight to protect the agricultural farmer, purchasing foods that are in season helps to grow Michigan's economy.

Here is a list of tasty foods that are in currently in season across our beautiful state, and should be on your farmer's market shopping list:

Apples (July - October)
Arugula (May - September)
Basil (July - September)
Beets (May - October)
Broccoli (June - October)
Brussels Sprouts (August - November)
Cabbage (June - November)
Cantaloupes (August - September)
Carrots (May - November)
Cauliflower (May - November)
Celery/Celery Root (August - October)
Chard (May - September)
Cilantro (June - September)
Corn (Mid-June - Mid-August)
Cucumbers (Jule - Mid-October)
Eggplant (July - Mid-October)
Garlic (August - November)
Grapes (August -September)
Green Beans (July - September)
Various Greens (May - November)
Green Onions/Scallions (June - September)
Kale (June - November)
Leeks (August - October)
Lettuces (May - October)
Melons (July - September)
Onions (August - October)
Parsley (May - September)
Parsnips (October - November)
Peaches (July - August)
Pears (August - October)
Peas (June - August)
Sweet Peppers (June - September)
Persimmons (October)
Plums (July - August)
Potatoes (July - November)
Pumpkins (September - October)
Radishes (May - October)
Shelling Beans (September - October)
Spinach (May - October)
Summer Squash (July - October)
Winter Squash (August - November)
Tomatoes (July - October)
Turnips (August - November)
Watermelons (August - September)
Zucchini (July - October)

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