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The Culinary Studio is Metro-Detroit's first shared-use kitchen. Located in Southfield, our fully equipped kitchens are available at an hourly rate to food entrepreneurs and special cooking events. info@myculinarystudio.com

Monday, November 29, 2010

Incubator Kitchens Are Helping Food Entrepreneurs Succeed!

While launching their own businesses, food entrepreneurs Jo Coleman and Cassandra Morrison, found that one of the biggest challenges they faced was location, location, location.  The two of them struggled with processing all the overhead costs and stress that goes into owning your own commercial kitchen:  Purchasing or leasing space, construction, equipment, inspections, and so much more. Do we need to actually say it?  Bad economy...blah blah blah...down sizing...blah blah blah.  It's enough to make you run away, covering your ears while screaming.  But after some research, Jo and Cassandra discovered a new type of kitchen space that is changing the way food entrepreneurs do business.

Their discovery:  Incubator Kitchens.  Incubator kitchens, also called shared-use kitchens, are fully licensed commercial kitchens owned by a private owner but are available to local food entrepreneurs for hourly rental.  The result is a quicker and more efficient way to take products from the kitchen, to the market, to the masses.  Incubator kitchens provide food business owners a convenient location to test, prepare, and package their food before going to market.

Of course, the responsibility of research and knowledge still falls heavily on the food business owner.  Research your area for shared-use kitchens available to you.  Know what resources are available to you and your business through the kitchen itself.  For instance, does your kitchen provide information on local farmer's markets?  Or does your kitchen host classes where you can learn new recipes or techniques? How about networking opportunities?  These bonuses are offered by many incubator kitchens because the kitchens and the food entrepreneurs that use them are both dependent upon each other. 

Fortunately, in recent years we have seen incubator kitchens pop up all over the country.  And even better news, most of these fully licensed kitchens are regulated by state/county Health Departments, and during registration let you know the exact individual licenses and forms you will need in order to start booking and using the kitchen.

After all their research, Jo and Cassandra designed The Culinary Studio in a way that provides vital resources and networking needed to give food entrepreneurs the upper edge over their competition.  They want you to expand and grow your business and they are dedicated to their kitchen clientele.

The Culinary Studio is Metro-Detroit's first shared-use kitchen and is now open for bookings.

For more information or to reserve a kitchen visit The Culinary Studio.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reserve your kitchen time!

The Grand Opening for the Culinary Studio is temporarily on hold until we can open with full confidence and provide immediate kitchen usage.

Please contact The Culinary Studio to reserve a kitchen.

Stay tuned for the official launch event!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Culinary Studio website just went live!

We have just launched our official website and we are inviting you to stop by!  Remember, you may now book one of our beautiful, fully licensed kitchens. 

Please visit our website for all information and further contact information to get started.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Metro Detroit’s First Shared-Use Kitchen Opening Soon!

·         Local entrepreneurs reach out to other small business owners with state of the art kitchen facility

Southfield, Mich., September 13, 2010 - Calling all bakers, caterers, personal chefs and aspiring food entrepreneurs - The Culinary Studio will help local food-oriented businesses launch and grow without the burden of start-up costs.  Fully equipped kitchens will be available at The Culinary Studio for hourly rental to food entrepreneurs and for special cooking events.
Located in the Applegate Shopping Center on Northwestern Highway in Southfield, Michigan, The Culinary Studio will have two state of the art commercial kitchens, with areas for preparing, packaging, catering and baking along with cooking classes.  A partnership between two culinary entrepreneurs, Cassandra Morrison and Jo Coleman, The Culinary Studio will not only serve as the home base for their businesses but will also be available to assist others who have similar commercial kitchen needs.
My entity, Healthy Eating Community, outgrew the home kitchens we were using, said Coleman. We needed something on the scale of The Culinary Studio to accommodate our growth, but we didnt want the added cost. With the Studio opening, we can have the best of both worlds and share our passion for healthy eating with the Metro-Detroit area.
Morrison had researched commissaries and incubators in Michigan for three years because she wanted to expand her meal services and offer catering. I found that the closest shared-use kitchens were in Kalamazoo and Hart, Michigan. I felt we needed a workspace closer to the city that not only offered a shared-use kitchen but also cooking classes, demonstrations and special events for the foodies in the area.
The Culinary Studio will host a launch event to debut the studio and is projecting a late fall opening.  To get additional information on becoming a client of The Culinary Studio, information using the shared-use kitchen, classes, and information on Healthy Eating Community or The Festive Chef; please call 248.353.2500, or email The Culinary Studio at info@myculinarystudio.com.