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The Culinary Studio is Metro-Detroit's first shared-use kitchen. Located in Southfield, our fully equipped kitchens are available at an hourly rate to food entrepreneurs and special cooking events. info@myculinarystudio.com

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Culinary Studio Welcomes Chef Morris & Savor The Flava To Our Kitchens!

The Culinary Studio is honored to have Chef Morris as a client!

Chef Morris has always loved the art of creating different dishes. At the young age of 11, he remembers watching his father cook meals for the family. It was then when he first knew that he had a love for the culinary arts. He said, his father showed him how to make cooking fun and exciting. Fast forward 30 years and thousands of dishes later and you've got... "Savor The Flava"!

Chef Morris has traveled across the United States teaching and training people how to "Savor The Flava"
Currently Chef Morris or Chef "Mo" (as he is often referred) is cooking in the great state of Michigan with his children by his side, sharing the love he has for cooking. He loves passing down all the fun in the kitchen he's had throughout the years.

 Cooking with Flava has been featured on Comcast Impact Television internationally. Chef Morris has written cookbooks to help those who don't have time to Savor but still want the Flava in what they cook at home.

We are looking forward to the culinary delights Chef Morris will be creating in our kitchens!
 For more information on how to become a client of The Culinary Studio:  http://myculinarystudio.com/