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Friday, February 25, 2011

Metro-Detroit chef proves that gluten-free can be award-winning!

The Culinary Studio had the recent pleasure of meeting local chef and food entrepreneur Shelby Davis, owner of Shelby's Kitchen Therapy.

After sampling some of her delicious Chipotle Chocolate Brownies, we asked her to tell us more about her business:

What is Shelby’s Kitchen Therapy?  The way some people need retail therapy or exercise therapy, I need kitchen therapy.  Being in the kitchen is my time to be creative, to play, to experiment and to ultimately convince the world that gluten-free baked goods and gluten-free cooking in general, can taste just as good, if not better, than gluten-full cooking.  I eat gluten-free due to Celiac Disease; my family eats gluten-free because that’s what I cook!  The best compliments I’ve received always include the taster being shocked that it is gluten-free.  Besides being a personal chef, I’m building a gluten-free on line store featuring breads, cakes, and a variety of unique and interesting treats.  The Kitchen Therapy showpiece, which will be launching in Spring 2011, is a dessert line called “Shelby’s Surprisingly Different Truffles.”  Starting with Chipotle Chocolate, which won Best in Sweet 2010, the Surprisingly Different Truffles include flavors like Lavender & Green Tea, Smoked Bacon and Maple, Pink Peppercorn Cherry and Wasabi Peanut Butter Banana. 

Mr. P is our Pitmaster, handling all things meat!  From 24-hour slow smoked pork shoulders to an awesome smoked salmon, Mr. P and his homemade sauces have established Kitchen Therapy as a BBQ force to be reckoned with in Michigan.  Mr. P’s awards include Best Overall Chili for the last two years.  Mr. P’s line currently includes Sweet Smokey Satisfaction BBQ Sauce, Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic Hot Sauce and Ginger Heat Hot Sauce. 

Going through the process of launching a product for retail consumption would not be possible without The Culinary Studio.  As a small business, I would rather invest my capital in my product and consumer awareness and not in a brick and mortar storefront with huge overhead costs.  The availability of kitchen time is a major plus as well, not to mention the kitchen has absolutely everything I need to make my truffles!