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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shared-Use Kitchens are a Positive Addition to Communities!

When you search for information on incubator kitchens on the internet, you will find plenty of benefits listed for food entrepreneurs and those wishing to start up a food business.  However, what you will also find are ways in which these kitchens are having a very positive impact on the communities in which they are based.  From creating more careers to boosting local businesses and markets, the shared-use kitchen phenomenon is just what the doctor ordered for local communities.

There are people, right now, in your community sitting around with a wonderful idea or recipe in the works but will never see it into fruition due to the daunting start-up costs associated with food production. Fortunately, incubator kitchens are popping up all over the country.  These kitchens, available for an hourly rent, are allowing members of local communities an opportunity to have access to a fully licensed commercial kitchen without the out-of-pocket expense of start-up, overhead and maintenance costs. Careers in the food business are now more possible than ever thanks to a very smart, yet simple idea. 

We are also finding that in our day there is an emerging need for food consumers to know where their food is coming from.  The big question lately is, "How was it raised or grown?" Buying "local" is the new trend.  This is a great boost for local farmers and markets.  Many shared-use kitchens are joining forces with local markets and providing their kitchen clients with information on the best local farmer's markets around. This networking and sharing of information is benefiting everyone. The food entrepreneurs produce the food with the local food source and the consumer not only knows that the product was produced locally, but that the ingredients were grown or raised from a local source.  In the end, everyone is happy, from the farmer, to the chef, to the consumer.

Urban populations differ greatly from rural populations.  In urban populations there is limited space, terrible parking, higher expenses, and quite often very poor food regulations.  Incubator kitchens are coming to the rescue to correct these very real issues with food production.  Because incubator kitchens are available for an hourly rent, they negate the need for start-up and kitchen overhead costs.  The owners of the kitchens go to great lengths to ensure plenty of parking space.  Most kitchens are located in populated areas based on convenience and parking availability.  Incubator kitchens have all but put an end to food production in non-regulated kitchens. For years, states battled individuals producing food out of their homes or other kitchens without regulations or licensing. With shared-use kitchens available in most big cities, states are tightening the food production regulations since fully licensed, commercial kitchens are becoming readily available to all chefs, cooks, and bakers.  The incubator kitchens are also providing all the needed information on necessary food licensing to potential clients. There is no longer an excuse to cut corners on proper food production.

The result to all this:  Food products produced with fresher ingredients, locally grown, and highly regulated to ensure consumer satisfaction.

The Culinary Studio, in Southfield, MI, is the only shared-use kitchen in Metro-Detroit.  For more information on reservations or individual licensing, please visit our website:  http://myculinarystudio.com/